336devPositron - Neg Viewer

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So you have some old negatives stashed away in a drawer? Aren't you curious what's on them? Or maybe you are still shooting film? With Positron you can easily see what is on your negatives! Just move the iPhone camera over the negative strip and the positive image is continually displayed (in real-time) on the screen.

Positron works both with color and Black & White film negatives of various sizes. It has the following features:

You will need something to light up the negative from behind. Best is a light table/box. If you have an iPad you can use it as light table. It is also possible to use the lit up Apple logo on the back of a MacBook.

Usage directions:

To capture an image:

The screen shots show Positron in action on color and Black & White 35mm and 120-film. An iPad was used as a light table.

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